Pre-order for 'A Gift for Po Po' Bilingual Picture Book Opening Soon
Pre-order for 'A Gift for Po Po' Bilingual Picture Book Opening Soon
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Our Story

Welcome! So very happy to have you here! My name's Ting and I’m an AABC... what's an AABC I hear you ask?  Almost Australian Born Chinese of course =P Both my parents are Chinese and I was born in Hong Kong. When I was 3 years old my family moved to Melbourne, where I still live with my husband and 2 kids (3yo & 6yo). 

I am passionate about passing on my mother tongue language of Cantonese to my children (and husband!) and I, like many others, believe that reading and enjoying books together is one of the best ways to engage in language learning. 
In 2021, I have started Mini Multilinguals to support Australian and New Zealand families raising bilingual or multilingual children by providing easier access to quality Bilingual (Chinese/English) and Chinese picture books, as well as other language learning products from around the world. 

Teaching your kids a second language, particularly as a minority language, has its challenges and will take many years - it doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a long journey where you will need to try different things at different periods of your and your child’s life. Most important thing that all bilingual parents and experts say is to not give up!

Having access to a variety of resources will support you with your language exposure and my purpose is to make it simpler for parents, particularly those who are semi-fluent or non-native Chinese speakers to find the most suitable books and resources for their family to use and enjoy at home.  
There is also an amazing range of resources available online and I look forward to sharing information about my favourite blogs, authors and businesses that also support families learning Chinese.

Every family’s language learning journey is unique - different goals, approaches and environment. What does yours look like? I’d love to learn more about you and your family. Don’t be shy - come say Hi! We’re on Facebook and Instagram.  

I hope that you find inspiration to start or motivation to keep going, and that our books and products can help you and your family on your language learning journey. 
Family photo of a caucasian male and asian female with two young children smiling
From my family to yours, we’re cheering for ya! 

(plus Alex, Isaac and Summer)

Our Mission:

  • To inspire parents to start teaching their kids a Chinese language at home, 

  • To support parents raising bilingual or multilingual children by making it easier to access quality books and resources, 

  • To learn about and connect with Chinese culture and traditions, and 

  • To make language learning together fun for the whole family!