Our Products

Our products are curated with early learners in mind, primarily children aged 0 - 6 years old. 

Books and other products will be offered in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or Bilingual (Chinese/English) versions where available.

Bilingual and English books will be curated based on the following topics and themes: 

  • Promotes cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Features lead Asian characters
  • Shares Asian food, culture and traditions
Chinese language books will be curated based on: 
  • Popular and classic titles originally published in English and other languages that have been translated into Chinese
  • Books originally published in Chinese focused on topics and themes, such as: 
    • Beginner’s vocabulary (First Words)
    • Food and Cooking
    • Family and Relationships
    • Travel and Geography 
    • Transport 
    • Nature - Plants and Animals
    • Science
    • Traditions and Festivals

What are you looking for?

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